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Global trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of carpets rugs and floor covering Includes technical and consumer related information A vacuum cleaner also known as a sweeper or hoover is a device that uses an air pump a centrifugal fan in all but some of the very oldest models to create a Sanisette French pronunciation is a registered trademark for a selfcontained selfcleaning unisex public toilet pioneered by the French company JCDecaux Although there is an actual steam cleaning industrial process in the context of carpet cleaning steam cleaning is in fact hot water soil extraction cleaning Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction radiation and From the earliest models on Roomba vacuum cleaning robots have been hacked to extend their functionality The first adaptations were based on a microcontroller that The IJCSA Green Cleaning Certification Residential and commercial consumers are no longer satisfied with services saying they are green companies In some commercial Vapor steam cleaners or steam vapor systems are cleaning appliances or devices that use steam to quickly dry clean and sanitize inanimate surfaces Pressure washing or power washing is the use of highpressure water spray to remove loose paint mold grime dust mud chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and Western Wood Products Association representing Western lumber manufacturers

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I am curious about what you think of in-floor cleaning systems for your pool for those of you who have them. What brands do you like? Do you find they clean as well ...

In-Floor Cleaning | Jandy Pro Series

Caretaker in-floor swimming pool cleaning systems are virtually invisible to the eye and work silently to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean.