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The Colt AR15 is a lightweight 55645mm magazinefed gasoperated semiautomatic rifle It was designed to be manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum The Colt Automatic Rifle15 Military Weapons System or CAR15 was a family of the AR15 and M16 riflebased firearms marketed by Colt in the late 1960s and early 1970s The Close Quarter Battle Receiver CQBR is a replacement upper receiver for the M4A1 Carbine developed by the US Navy The CQBR features a barrel 103 in 262 mm Ive used my Stratasys to prototype out various ideas for paintball gun parts but the concept of using it for actual firearm parts hadnt really occurred to me The M16 rifle officially designated Rifle Caliber 556 mm M16 is a United States military adaptation of the Armalite AR15 rifle The original M16 was a select External links Brownells Tech Tip AR15 556223223 Wylde Chamber Choices Guns Magazine The M4 carbine is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle The M4 is a 55645mm NATO aircooled direct impingement gasoperated magazinefed carbine The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP was initiated as an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the US Air Force the US Navy the A longrunning project Ive been tinkering with occasionally over the years has been machining an AR15 lower receiver from scratch or more precisely a raw 0 The M14 rifle officially the United States Rifle 762 mm M14 is an American selective fire automatic rifle that fires 76251mm NATO 308 in ammunition

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AR-15 Upper Receivers -

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AR-15 Upper Receiver Comparison and FAQ

Colt owners often refer to having a small or large hole upper receiver (and corresponding lower receiver). Small hole receivers of .250" are the "milspec ...

Dual Charging AR-15 Complete Upper Receivers

Dual Charging AR-15 complete upper receivers include side charging handle, AR-15 barrel. Calibers include 223 REM, 5.56x45. 7.62x39, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC II, 300 ...