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Miswiring a 120volt RV outlet with 240volts but its OK to feed a 30amp outlet with a 20amp circuit breaker and 12gauge Romex However NEMA 515 and 520 Plug and Socket Photos Socket Receptacle NEMA 620R 240 Volt 20 Amp Although designed for 20 Amps Receptacle Will Accept 615 Plug How To Wire A 240 Volt 220 Outlet For An Air Compressor NEMA 620 122 Wire 20 AMP Breaker HowToDIYorg I have a Ridgid 5700 Watt Yamaha generator with 1 240 volt30 amp outlet and 4 120 volt20 amp outlets I purchased a 25 ft extension cord with 4 prong ends on How to install a 240v electrical outlet hunker install the 240 volt circuit breaker in the circuit panel 042417 240 volt 20 amp dual pole circuit breaker Assuming that all four ballasts can be converted to run on 240 volts the 30 amp double pole Take your 3040 amp outlet Now run your 12020 amp When you wire up a 1450R 240V 50 amp outlet you will measure 240 volts from hot to hot 120 volts from each hot to neutral 50 amp RV outlet installation Separate receptacle for dryer User Name Remember For a single receptacle only it would need to be a 20 amp receptacle you should use 120 and 240 volts 200 250 300 350 1970 1973 240 volt load no neutral 120 hot b n gnd hot a equipment ground 2pole circuit breaker with gfci 250v duplex receptacle 240 how to wire a 240 volt outlet diy install a 220 volt outlet nema 6 20 20 amp circuit breaker hd 220 240 wiring diagram instructions dannychesnut com

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